Koolfever Cooling Gel For Children 6s + 2s

KOOLFEVER Cooling Gel Sheet is ready to use for sudden fever.
MYR 15.20

Estimated 7 - 14 Working Days

Hansaplast Universal Water Resistant 100 Strips

Store in a cool, dry place.
MYR 12.75

Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Neck & Shoulder Pain Air-Activated Heat Pa...

Iron powder ,water,activated carbon,vermiculite,salt,super absorbent polymer.
MYR 11.25

Digital Alcohol Tester Breath Analyser Accurate readings

High Accuracy, two Unit LCD Display, auto Power Off, low Battery Indicator.
MYR 42.75

Estimated 7-14 working days

Omron HN289 Digital Weight Scale

Everyone knows the importance of staying healthy. Doing enough exercise, staying relaxed and keeping your weight at the right level are all important and with the addition of the HN289 (Ultra Slim) you can monitor your progress quickly and easily at home.
MYR 76.50

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Trek Patient Alert System PAS

Designed especially for elderlies with fall risks including Dementia persons.
MYR 216.20

Estimated 7-14 Working Days

Colgate Toothpaste Maximum Cavity Protection Fresh Cool Mint...

Maximum cavity protection with liquid calcium and fluoride
MYR 17.40

Hansaplast Elastic 10 Strips x 6 boxes

For covering and protection of minor, everyday wounds such as scratches, cuts and grazes.
MYR 11.40

Microlife Ear Thermometer Probe Cover Free (IR 1DE1-1)

The Microlife Probe Cover Free Ear Thermometer IR1DE1-1 is a high quality product incorporating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standards. It is intended for the periodic measurement and monitoring of human body temperature in the home and for use on people of all ages.
MYR 243.80

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Microlife Ear Digital Thermometer (IR 1DB1)

A high temperature is a reaction to disease specific stimuli. The body responds by increasing its temperature to assist its defences against specific disease mechanisms. Fluctuations in the body temperature can also be caused by reasons other than those relating to disease. The precise measurement of the body temperature is of the greatest medical significance. It permits illnesses to be diagnosed at an early stage, their course to be monitored, and the efficiency of prescribed therapies to be assessed. Microlife Thermometers are quality products incorporating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standards. Maximum precision and accuracy of measurement are achieved through the use of microcomputer technology. The instruments perform a self-test every time they are switched on to always guarantee the specified accuracy of measurements.
MYR 201.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Microlife Auto Blood Pressure Monitor (BP A150 AFIB)

High blood pressure is a preliminary stage of some of the most dangerous of illnesses, but today it can be kept under good control. Measure your blood pressure regularly, so that you can have it treated medically at the right time. Taking measurements is only worthwhile if the results are accurate. Incorrect results produce either carelessness or panic. You should therefore pay attention to quality when buying blood pressure monitors. Microlife monitors are successfully clinically tested by the famous validation protocols of the European, German and British Hypertension Societies. The accuracy of this device is clinically tested according to protocol of the British Hypertension Society with the highest possible grade of A/A.
MYR 424.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Microlife Instant Forehead Thermometer (FR1MF1)

IR non-contact measurement; Quickly measure within 3 seconds; With fever warning light; 30 groups of storage space; Easy to replace batteries; Auto shutdown after turning on for 3 minutes.
MYR 285.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

On Call Vivid Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Self-monitoring of blood glucose is an important part of diabetes care, but the high cost of testing can make this impossible. At ACON, our goal is to provide high quality glucose monitoring at a price that allows you to test as often as necessary. Together, we can better manage your diabetes and help you live a longer and healthier life. On Call® Vivid - Advanced System for Better Care
MYR 150.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

One Touch Ultrasoft Lancets 100's

The OneTouch UltraSoft® Lancets - Gentle on the fingers. Allows for a less painful stick when used with the OneTouch UltraSoft® Lancet.
MYR 23.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

One Touch Select Test Strips 25 Strips 2 Boxes

For blood glucose testing with One Touch Select Simple Meters and Systems.
MYR 120.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

One Touch Select Test Strips 25 Strips

For blood glucose testing with One Touch Select Simple Meters and Systems.
MYR 60.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

One Touch Delica Lancet 100's

The OneTouch® Delica® ,featuring Advanced Glide® Control System, offers reduced vibration for smoother lancing.
MYR 53.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron HEM-RML31 Wide Range Soft Cuff 22-42cm

Compatible with blood pressure monitor models: Home Blood Pressure Model.
MYR 114.50

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor Model

The Omron Heart Rate Monitor offers all the heart rate information you need without the constraint of a chest strap. Get the most from your workouts with an Omron HR-210 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. You'll get your numbers quickly and accurately so you can adjust your training to reach your goals faster. The HR-210 is a very practical sports and fitness aid as it monitors your heart rate without requiring you to wear a heart rate transmitter. It is equipped with calorie measurement along with a real-time clock, stopwatch, backlight and keypad lock functions.
MYR 362.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron HJ-320 Pedometer Walking Style Step Counter

The step counter features 3D Smart Sensor technology - so it knows exactly when you're taking a step. It's more accurate than other step counters which use a simple pendulum design.
MYR 133.50

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron HV-LLPAD Long Life Pads Box of 2 Pieces

Omron Long-Life Pad HV-LLPAD is for use with Omron Electronic Pulse Massager and Electronic Nerve Stimulator.
MYR 90.10

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron HV-F128 Electronic Pulse Massager/Nerve Stimulator

Omron HVF-128 give the user a Quick Pain Relief with Low Frequency Electrotherapy and High Frequency Stimulation. It quickly relief muscle ache and neuralgia, improves blood circulation, helps relieve pain and increase mobility of arthritic sufferers. It also prevents muscle atrophy in old age and paralyzed patients, helps recovery from fatigue and sports injury with the convenience and ease of usage at home.
MYR 551.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron MC-523 Ear Thermometer (TH839S) 

Gentle temperature measurement for infants and young children. Temperature taking made easy with Omron Ear Thermometer for both adults and children. 1 second measurement and fever alarm with beeper allows you to take temperature for your child with ease.
MYR 296.80

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron MC-272L Digital Ovulation Thermometer

For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement. Unique broad sensor tip for comfort and more accurate measurement.
MYR 82.70

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron MC-246 Digital Fever Thermometer

The Omron MC-246 digital thermometer offers a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. Fast 60 second readings and last reading recall can help get the information required, quickly and accurately every time.
MYR 21.20

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron MC-343F Digital Fever Thermometer (Flexible Tip)

The Omron MC-343 digital thermometer is quick, professionally accurate and includes a flexible tip for comfort of use. Omron’s electronic digital stick thermometers are MERCURY FREE. All the models have proven accuracy.
MYR 33.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron NE-C801 Compressor Nebulizer

CompAir is the smallest, lightest, most convenient tabletop nebulizer - ever. Omrons advanced design and engineering allows it to administer medication as effectively as table top models three times its size. The CompAir nebulizer system offers an affordable and efficient alternative for patients experiencing asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions.
MYR 503.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days

Omron HEM-7322 Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Premiu...

Omron Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7322 (Premium) + On Call Vivid Blood Glucose Monitoring System The Omron Premium home blood pressure monitor has advanced features, providing users with detailed blood pressure information. The Omron Premium blood pressure monitor is Australia’s best selling home blood pressure monitoring device. This device reassures the user that an accurate reading is being recorded utilising the Enhanced Intellisense system and the Cuff Wrapping Guide.
MYR 773.00

Estimated 5-7 Business Days